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Welcome. Here's the place where modding your favorite game can be possible, and supported by a nice and warm community. Here you will find resources which will help you to develop your projects faster. Additionally you can show off your projects and share with a growing community, even be part of the Blizzard Modding Network, which aims to gather all the projects and clans around this game.

Please enjoy your stance here.

Warcraft III Maps

Picked from the vault...

Troll Smash

By eubz

Version: 3.21a

Keywords: Troll, Smash

Play Mode: multi-player,co-op,single-player

Category: Assault,Arena

TileSets: Lordaeron Fall

Players: Min: 1 - Max: 4

Warcraft 3 Map By: eubzA. Gameplay
Troll Smash is a Hero Arena type of map using the Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne platform. The player’s task is to defeat all of his opponents thereby conquering the land/map. At the start of the game Player 1 will have to type “-startgame” (without the quotation mark...

Warcraft III models

Picked from the vault...

Gold Saints: Aquarius

By JhOtAm

Keywords: Saint, Seiya, Aquarius

Model type: Hero

Category: Anime

for more models, please check the whole pack in the related link.

Warcraft III Skins

Picked from the vault...

Jack O' Lantern Sword

By Heinvers

Keywords: Jack O' Lantern, Pumpkin, Headless, Halloween, Orange, Warrior, sword, 512

Categories: Attachment,Item,Human,Undead

A sword for the model Skin Jack O lantern. Please check the related resource section.

Warcraft III Tools

Picked from the vault...

Wc3mapoptimizer 5.0

By Vexorian

Version: 5.0

Keywords: Optimizer, protect, Vexorian

OS: Windows XP,Windows Vista,Windows 7,Windows 8,Windows 10

Categories: MPQ Management,Specific WE Module as a Standalone App,World Editor (WE) Add on or plugin

Optimize maps, make them smaller and faster, even unopenable in World Editor if you want them to.

Code: Text  [Select]5.0:- Fixed a bug that caused an arbitrary mod limit in the object optimizer.- The optimizer will no longer ignore the tweak to disable BJ optimize (BTW,   This script tends to be the roo...

Warcraft III Spells & Systems

Picked from the vault...

Custom Ability Source Cost v1.1

By radamantus

Categories: System,GUI

Allows you to use custom ability source cost.

To Import:
Copy the triggers and variables

Trigger: Test 677020632                CASC SetupEventsMap initializationConditionsActionsCustom script: set udg_CASC_Hash = InitHashtable()-------- --------------...

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Blizzard Modding Network News

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